Space Communications and Relay Systems
Issues of Practical Designing of Trellis Coders-Modulators for Satellite Data Transmission Systems
     V.V. Berezkin, A.N. Ershov, S.V. Petrov
Experience in Quality Analysis of Software for Complex Automated Systems Using Inspections
     A.V. Loban
Organization of the Low-Frequency Part in the Ku-Band Receiving Device of User Relay Equipment Systems
     V.V. Kraskov
Space Monitoring, Search and Rescue Space Systems and Technologies
Overview of Approaches to the Construction of Emergency Rescue and Crew Evacuation Systems
     N.V. Andreev
Complexes and Systems of Spacecraft Control
Impulse Model of the Frequency Converter in the Aircraft Power Supply System
     S.G. Ogurtsova
Application of Antenna Fields in Mobile Measurement Systems
     A.V. Kostyukov, S.I. Vatutin, A.P. Maslov
Electronic Component Base and End Product Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
Signal Propagation Delay Control in Programmable Logic Devices
     A.Ya. Koulibaba, A.A. Ogurtsov
Development of Small Satellite Microwave Electronic Component Base for Meteorite and Asteroid Threat Detection
          S.A. Ezhov, N.S. Danilin, D.M. Dimitrov, I.H. Sabirov, D.A. Belov, I.Yu. Bulaev
Electrostaticаl Resistance-Based Attestation of Containerless Constructions of On-Board Electronic Equipment for Space Application and the Use of Its Results for Reliability Improvement
     R.Yu. Dorofeev, D.A. Belov
Research and Educational Activity
Conceptual Questions of Scientific and Educational Activity at Joint Stock Company «Russian Space Systems»
     O.N. Rimskaya, G.G. Yazeryan
Earth Remote Sensing Data Acquisition and Processing Capabilities of the Consortium UNIGEO
     O.V. Bekrenev, A.K. Goncharov, L.A. Grishantseva, K.S. Emelyanov, B.S. Zhukov, A.V. Nikitin, L.I. Permitina, I.V. Polyansky, A.S. Rozhdestvensky
Space Technology Information Systems
The Prototype of an Expert Diagnostic System for Cycle Slip Detection and Correction
     V.V. Betanov, V.K. Larin, Z.A. Pozyaeva
Space Navigation Systems
About the Use of GLONASS for the Creation of the Community-Oriented Navigation and Information System «Social GLONASS»
     Yu.B. Dorofeev, S.V. Matveev, E.O. Romanov

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