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Space Navigation Systems
The Linearisаtion of the GLONASS Satellite Motion Model
     G.G. Stupak, A.E. Perkov, V.V. Betanov

Estimation Algorithm of a Full Signal Pseudophase in L1 and L2 Bands for a Two-Frequency Receiver of GLONASS System
     V.E. Vovasov
Space Monitoring, Search and Rescue Space Systems and Technologies
Optimal Satellite Tracking Scheduling Algorithm for the Medium Earth Orbit Segment of COSPAS-SARSAT
     D.V. Antonov
Basic Principles of Using the COSPAS System to Ensure Social Security in the Russian Federation
     Yu.B. Dorofeev, S.V. Matveev, E.O. Romanov
A New Approach to Obtaining and Processing Earth Remote Sensing (ERS) Images, Degraded by a Turbulent Atmosphere
     K.N. Sviridov
Space Communications and Relay Systems: Space Technology Information Systems
Information Technologies in Modern Document Management
     O.G. Blinova
Improvement of Radiation Tolerant Memory through Error Correcting Codes
A.N. Ershov, S.V. Petrov, Yu.P. Pyatoshin, D.V. Kokhanko, V.V. Zyablov, V.B. Afanassiev, V.G. Potapov, D.K. Zigangirov
Optimization of Automated Control System Software Structure on the Basis of Methods and Algorithms for Bringing Rectangular Matrices to Block Form
     A.A. Ukolov, V.U. Tysheckii
Ground and on-Board Systems of Spacecraft and Telemetry Systems
Perspective Algorithms for Spacecraft Missions Control
     I.N. Panteleymonov
Research and Educational Activity
The Practice of Regulating Publication Activity at Joint Stock Company «Russian Space Systems»
     O.A. Arytyunova, O.N. Rimskaya
Space Technology Information Systems
First Panoramic Images of the Surface of Venus
     A.S. Selivanov
In Memory of K.V. Cherevkov
     A.I. Zhodzishskiy

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