Space Monitoring, Search and Rescue Space Systems and Technologies
Small Satellites for Vessels and Airplanes Monitoring in JSC “Russian Space Systems”: Status and Perspectives
     A.A. Romanov, A.A. Romanov, A.E. Tyulin
Ground and on-Board Systems of Spacecraft, Data Processing and Telemetry Systems
The Algorithm of Robust Estimation of Results of Digital Processing of Digital Arrays Onboard Computing Systems for Space Remote Sensing
     A.V. Loban
Application of Experimental Algorithm for Calculating of Spacecraft Parameters of Motion After Launching it Into Orbit
     S.V. Strelnikov, S.G. Lapshin
Model for Receiving AIS Signals Collisions in Space
     A.M. Kuznetsov, A.A. Romanov, A.A. Romanov
Space Communications and Relay Systems: Space Technology Information Systems
Comparison of Construction Variants of Retransmitting Equipment of TM-Information from Carrier Rockets, Upper-Stage Rockets and Space Vehicles Via “Luch” Satellite Re-Transmitter
     S.I. Vatutin
To the Estimation of Broadband Radio Systems Interference Immunity
     P.Z. Baulin, M.A. Kobelev, A.I. Kuprijanov
Space Navigation Systems
Analysis of Results of Space Experiment on Transmission of Expanded Almanac in Digital Information of GLONASS Satellites
     N.B. Ipkaev
Basic Principles of Realization of “Handshaking” Mode in Modernized On-Board Radio Complex BRKS-K2 of COSPAS–SARSAT Rescue System of Glonass-K Satellites
     Yu.B. Dorofeev, A.B. Kuryata, S.V. Matveev, A.S. Surinov, E.O. Romanov
Experimental Determination of the Transmission Ratio of Electromagnetic Waves through Slits and Holes in a Screen
     А.А. Chukhlantsev, G.G. Yazeryan
Device Engineering and Radio Components Production
Introduction of New Microelectronic Technologies into On-Board Space Equipment — System in Package
     N.S. Danilin, I.Yu. Bulaev, D.A. Belov, I.A. Morozov
Research and Education Activity
On the Question of Enhancing the Effectiveness of Corporate Training at Entities of the Rocket-and-Space Industry
     S.G. Nazarenko, V.V. Betanov
History of Rocket-Space Device Engineering
In Memory of L. I. GUSEV


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