Space Navigation Systems and Devices. Radiolocation and Radio Navigation
Basic Principles of the Development Concept of the Russian Segment of the International Search and Rescue System COSPAS-SARSAT
    Romanov A.A., Kuzenkov A.N., Tyulin A.E., Kuropyatnikov A.D., Borisov K.V., Kem O.V.
Status of the COSPAS–SARSAT Programme and Its Future Development
    Studenov V.V.
Estimation of the Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal Service Area
    Antonov D.V.
Possibility and Effectiveness of Including the Geostationary Segment into the Medium Earth Orbit Segment of the COSPAS-SARSAT System
    Antonov D.V., Arkhangel’skiy V.A., Semin V.I., Fedoseev A.V.
Experimental Evaluation of the Slow Moving Beacon Location Accuracy in the Middle Earth Orbit Segment of the COSPAS–SARSAT System
    Antonov D.V.
Radio Engineering and Space Communication
Integrated Antenna for Second Generation Emergency Radio Beacons of the COSPAS-SARSAT System
    Boyko S.N., Isaev A.V., Kosorukov D.S., Yaskin Yu.S.
Analysis of the Concepts for Design of Complexes for Receiving, Processing and Retransmitting of Information from the International COSPAS–SARSAT System and the Prospects for Their Development
    Romanov A.A., Kondrashov A.S., Belov D.A., Bukin S.A.
Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Control, Data Processing, and Telemetry Systems
The Usage of Continuous Engineering Approaches in the Adaptation of the RK-SM-MKA Receiving Complexes for Installation on Board the Meteor-M No. 2-1 and 2-2 Spacecraft
    Romanov А.А., Romanov А.А., Bulgakov N.N., Ershov A.N., Kolobaev A.S.
Approaches to Accuracy Improvement of GNSS Independent Determination of Position Data of Emergency Radio Beacons in the Medium Earth Orbit Segment of the COSPAS–SARSAT System
    Arkhangel’skiy V.A., Seleznev V.V.
Present State and Main Characteristics of the Geostationary Relay Satellites of the COSPAS-SARSAT System Based on the Louch-5A and Louch-5V Spacecraft
    Arkhangel’skiy V.A., Dedov N.V., Litvin A.I., Ostanniy A.I., Semin V.I., Fedoseev A.V., Novikov M.Yu.,
    Portnyagin V.A., Roskin S.M., Testoedov N.A.